Friday, March 4, 2011

Change in the Air

Dear Readers-
Well, turns out the last time that I blogged here was half a year ago. Whoops. As I'm sure you're aware, the life of an elementary teachers gets very hectic very quickly. It's funny to go back and read what I was writing awhile ago. I guess I had somethings to get off my chest. There are still quite a few things that get me riled up, especially what's happening in Wisconsin, but they can wait for another blogpost.
Right now I wanted to take a short vacation from airing out what aggravates me and talk about what's got me excited... and a little overwhelmed. And that's the changes that could be taking place at our school. There's actually quite a few things that we're working on, but the first one I wanted to bring up was moving to a standards based report card.
My plan is, over the next blog posts, is to write about how we move from our current report card of letter grades to one that is set on reporting out what students know and have mastered. So stay tuned for more from me about this exciting new step for our school.


  1. Love that you're excited about this. Are there many teachers grumbling about having to change things? That would be the attitude in my district.

  2. I wouldn't say grumbling, but perhaps hesitant when we take a full look at what needs to be changed. Which I can see, we've seen a lot of change that hasn't panned out the way we would have wanted. So I think the biggest challenge will be convincing everyone (parents/community/teachers/administration) that this will be a change worth making.